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Item # SBO15 Professional Style Flat Speed Opener

This flat, stainless steel speed bottle opener is essential for any professional or home bartender. Pop those caps off in a flash!

Price: $3.99

Item # SBOC0 Professional Style Coated Speed Opener

The flat, coated stainless steel speed bottle opener is one alternative to the plain opener. Some bartenders prefer the coating... some don't. Your choice! :-) Available in black coating.

Price: $4.99
Temporarily out of Stock

Item # PPB00 Push & Pop Bottle Opener

This unique bottle opener works like magic! Place the bottle opener on the top of your beer bottle, press down and listen while the cap pops off easily! When you lift the bottle opener up, the removed cap will typically stick to the magnet inside the opener. Amaze your friends and customers with this awesome bottle opener!

Price: $6.99

Item # CCO10 Credit Card Bottle Opener

Your bottle opener... never leave home without it! This little guy is the exact shape and size of a typical credit card and just slightly thicker, allowing you to fit it right in your wallet without taking up space! Great for the drinker on the go, you'll never arrive at the party or the bar without an opener again!

Price: $3.99

Item # CSB01 Waiter's Corkscrew

No bartender, waiter or wine lover can do without this classic corkscrew! This 4.5" corkscrew comes with the standard foil cutter and full five-turn worm.
Comes in smooth black color as seen in photo.

Price: $3.99

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