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Item # CSC20 Over/Under Shot & Chaser Combo Cup

Save yourself time and trouble by using this all-in-one shot and chaser cup! This unique shot cup makes it easy - fill the bottom with soda, juice, Red Bull or any chaser, and then tilt the cup and slowly pour the alcohol shot into the top... then drink away! Also great for Bomb Shots!
(Jager Bomb demonstrated in photo)
Made of lightweight but sturdy polystyrene plastic, these clear plastic cups are reusable/dishwasher safe for many nights of fun! Get your shot and chaser down fast with only one cup and avoid the mess and excessive cleanup!

Price: $1.99 each
4 for $6.99
8 for $12.99

4 Pack
8 Pack

Item # DBS40 Double Barrel Bomb Shot Cup

These disposable/reusable bomb cups are perfect for the increasingly popular bomb shots! The center barrel holds a 1 oz. shot of your choice while the surrounding area holds the rest. Great for Jager Bombs (Jagermeister in the center with Red Bull all around) and other similar shots!
Made of lightweight plastic, these cups are disposable or can be reused with easy hand cleaning or low-temp dishwasher cycle. No more having to drop one glass into the other creating a mess and possible glass breakage!

Price: 6 for $1.99
12 for $3.49

6 Pack
12 Pack

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