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A word from the creator of Drinkytime.com:

Thanks for visiting the site - you've found the result of my love of the internet mixed with all that extra energy I had after those 8 hour bar shifts when I couldn't seem to wind down and get to sleep!

This site is the end result of one thing - my love for bartending. I've been at it for years now and it's such a great alternative to the "desk job." There's nothing like lining up a row of shots for a fun and eager crowd, dancing to the DJ's tunes with your coworkers while slinging drinks across the bar, or just generally hustling around and realizing that your shift is over in what seems to have been just a flash of time. Yes, the job has it's moments: aching legs, finger-snapping, screaming, bitching customers, spilled drinks all over the bar, fights, etc. But show me a desk job that offers all that entertainment in one night of work?! And at the end of the night, that's what even the tough parts of bartending amount to - a great night of amusement! (Not to mention the bucket of tips!)

So, here's to all my fellow bartenders and drink guzzlers out there who make the business so friggin' great! You rock!


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